ACCIONA – ACCIONA strenghtens its leadership as the biggest retailer of 100% renewable energy in the Spanish market

ACCIONA Green Energy Developments, a subsidiary of the ACCIONA Group, was the biggest retailer of 100% renewable energy in Spain last year, according to data published by the Spanish National Markets and Competitiveness Commission (CNMC) on the System of Guarantee of Origin and Labelling of Electricity for 2018.

Under Act 3/2013, the CNMC is charged with the management of the Guarantee of Origin System (GdO), a voluntary mechanism that certifies, at the request of an interested party, that a certain amount of electricity has been obtained from renewable sources or from high-efficiency cogeneration.

According to a report approved by the Regulatory Oversight Chamber of the CNMC last 3rd April, ACCIONA Green supplied its clients in Spain with GdO certifications corresponding to 5,648 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of electric power. This figure represents 13.6% of the electricity supplied to clients in Spain with this guarantee.

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