The Spanish public-private instrument to support global development of renewable energy

SREC, a Public Private instrument

SREC, the voice of the Spanish Renewable Energy Industry promoting solar, wind and biomass energy globally

SREC acts as advocacy instrument for renewable energy use globally and aims to foster renewable cooperation based on the experience gained by the Spanish industry.

Our knowledge based on lessons learnt

SREC promotes collaboration between public sector and private companies to transform energy markets and meet 100% energy demands through renewable.

SREC exert influence on creating and securing a suitable policy framework for stable growth exploring lessons learnt to ensure investment security throughout the RE industry.

Spain has explored great experience in the deployment of renewable industry and based its energy consumption on low-carbon energy sources, making it a great case study for any country thinking of a sustainable energy future.

Spain and its role on the global energy transition

Spain has played a key role in the creation of the renewable markets and its technology development in the sustainable energy industry. The process of implementing renewable energy in our country has become a role model throughout the world, as an example of cooperation of public administration, companies and social organizations, as reported on the energy situation in Spain by the International Energy Agency.

In 2018, renewable energy in Spain represented 46% of the installed power capacity in the entire set of power generating facilities, standing at 48,185 MW. By 2030, Spain will aim at 120 GW of installed renewable energy capacity by 2030, primarily wind and solar, representing 42% of the final energy consumption according to the Spanish national integrated energy and climate plan (NECP 2021-2030).
Spain is the top three European countries destination for greenfield FDI in renewables, garnering 126 projects since 2003, and is Europe’s second top source of FDI in the sector, according to energy experts.

The Spanish Renewable sector sums more than 80.000 direct and indirect jobs and over 9,000 companies of different size and activity, some of them internationally recognized for its ability of operation and owned technology production. However, the most part of those companies are SME’s (around 98%).

An industry of global players investing in the five continents

Above all, Spain is the second world country in foreign direct investment, after USA. In those inversions, the Spanish model is based in partnerships with local companies and entrepreneurs, to achieve not just the renewable energy development, but also the social and economic progress.