What we do

The Spanish instrument

As renewable energy will become the main energy sources and a significant share of global energy consumption in the medium to long-term, global support for the development of new renewable energy markets is a key focus of the international activities of SREC. The achievement of consistent demand for solar energy worldwide demands the removal of administrative hurdles and market barriers as well as the introduction of suitable support policies in many countries. We co-operate closely with the main stakeholders  around the world to address these issues.


  • Technical Cooperation through strategic partnership aiming to increase the impact and to promote solutions to the main challenges related to sustainable energy development. The Consortium has joined forces with other organisations and counterparts from the international community, as well as with actors from the public sector, including non-governmental entities, and the Academia.
  • Technical Assistance. We consider information and knowledge are essential for the development of public policies and programmes oriented to the renewable energy (RE) development. The Consortium gives support to national and regional Governements, transferring learning experiences by other countries. Information
  • Study Tours, as a technical cooperation instrument, aims to provides a full understanding of RE  policies including legal, tax and technical  approach for an optimal policy package through technical and site visits.

More than 12 delegation from Africa and Middle East have participated in a week-Study Tour organized by Spain Renewable Energy Consortium and ICEX Trade and Investment.

  • Technical Sessions & Workshops on specific issues, a solutions focused-sessions that ensure an optimal-approach to the challenges and alternatives. We have a long track record organising and designing technical discussions through a comprehensive approach on the last developments of renewable energy industry and its challenges.
  • International Network. Local partnership is a key contributor factor to better development of the value chain with local companies  and generate benefits to the local communities. SREC’s companies have established more than 1.000 partnerships that allows to encourage SMEs to work within a industrial partnership and also to promote industry- university partnerships which are likely to thrive in the regional/local environment. SREC has developed an extensive global network including Governments, international financial operators, industrial players, non-lucrative institutions, research centres and all stakeholders.
  • Export Promotion through consultation of member companies. We have a good overview of developments in important markets and we maintain contacts to country experts, associations and agencies with insight into the relevant support programs and the overall markets. We can provide at least basic information on most markets and can do specialized research into the relevant topics at the request of member companies.