Mission & Vision

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is 'Transforming energy demand worldwide'

The Spain Renewable Energy Consortium (SREC), is a private-sector initiative with one single vision: to support stakeholders transforming energy markets towards sustainable energy for all.

The Consortium represents an appropriate mechanism for bringing parties together and facilitating collaboration between investors, developers, manufacturers and Governments with the objective to promote the use of renewable energy and address the barriers, which are hampering the development of low carbon energies.

SREC mission is to play an active role promoting widespread adoption of renewable energy Worldwide.

SREC’s role is to seek out, establish and develops new synergies, facilitate dialogue, share best practices, promote enabling policies, build capacity and foster co-operation at the global, regional and national levels. SREC encourages opportunities offered by renewable energy industry with diverse stakeholders contributing to these shared goals.

The SREC has a long-term vision and a cooperative public-private approach

Since 2010, the Consortium closely works with the Spanish government on the international arena for the improvement of conditions for renewable energy technology deployment worldwide. As renewables will cover a significant share of global energy consumption in the medium to long-term, the Spanish support for the development of new renewable markets is a key focus for SREC.

Our goal is to make SREC the leading voice of Spanish renewable energy industry Worldwide and to act as driver for the future direction of our sector by:

   Establishing SREC as the point-of-reference for both Spain-based and international authorities;

   Establishing SREC as the main actor for both Spanish authorities in the internationalization of the Spanish renewable industry;

   Ensuring the SREC works in close partnership with its members and other relevant organisations;