The Consortium

The Consortium

A cluster of companies created to develop the renewable energy industry in Africa

The Consortium is an open initiative created in 2011 by nine Spanish companies from the renewable industry. At the end of that year, up to 20 companies were part of the Consortium.

The Consortium is a Non-Lucrative organization with only one mission: support its companies in the development of renewable energy markets in Africa and promote the creation of a local industry along with African partners and Governments.

A service structure to support Spanish and African companies in their way to collaborate

The Consortium has got a service structure both in Africa (Johanessburgh, South Africa) and in Europe (Madrid, Spain) to support the companies of the Consortium in the way to business in the renewable industry sector in Souther Africa.
The services of this structure are clearly oriented to business, going from the identification of partners and alliances along all the industry to the individual support to each company in their needs.

A modern initiative focus on creating business opportunities

The consortium creates business opportunities through the development of the local markets, the support to the companies -both Spanish and African companies- and the encourage of cooperation between the Consortium´s companies and their African partners.

Members of the consortium

More than 20,000 MWs developed by our Consortiums