We are an engineering, electrical services and industrial I&C organisation committed to risk prevention, quality and the environment. Our main targets are customer satisfaction, the fulfillment of legal, statutory and other applicable rules, a responsible behaviour with the environment and our continuous improvement.

Since its inception QATRO has evolved to become a world leader in commissioning of electrical and I&C processes for all types of power plant and industrial plant, offering and carrying out all its services with the maximum possible effectiveness and efficiency, the highest level of health and safety for all its workers and those in its surroundings, the maximum guarantees of quality management, technical and documentation quality, and the utmost respect for the environment, by providing the human and technical resources within its reach needed to achieve the mentioned respect.

Moreover QATRO offers the following business areas: supervision, engineering and technical consultancy, training courses, O&M, and testing of electrical and I&C processes for power plants and industrial plants.

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Name: Mr. Enrique de la Torre Pampín
Position: Commercial Manager
Phone: +34 670 82 84 06