EKS Energy

EKS Energy

EKS Energy  is a pioneer company in the development of power electronic devices which uses the state of the art technology to provide new solutions to the Renewable Energy Sector. Over fifteen years of experience in renewable energy grid integration and more than 2.7 GW of installed capacity worldwide make EKS Energy a reliable reference in the energy sector.

It has specialized as assistant integrator to offer to their clients the added value that gives an expert partner in grid integration systems, providing a wide range of innovative products, completely developed with own resources and adapted to all the technical requirements demanded by each market as well as . It is well positioned in four continents and numerous leading players of the renewable energy sector have relied on EKS Energy  Solutions for their commercial projects, as well as for the development of projects on new markets and value added solutions.

EKS Energy ’s experience in grid integration under the hardest ambient condition and most demanding technical requirements has made the company grows until becoming one of the most important suppliers of power electronics devices all over the world with presence in Europe, America, Asia and Africa.

Additionally, EKS Energy  gives specific engineering and consultancy services through Interim Services division, focused on the Power Quality Issues, PR Improvement, Grid Code Compliance and Retrofit & Repowering in renewable power facilities.

Fore more information please visit our website: http://www.greenpower.es/ or contact with:

Name: Mr. Salvador Rodriguez
Address:  Bollullos de la Mitación
Seville, 41110
Phone: (+34) 954 181 521