CAF Turnkey & Engineering

CAF Turnkey & Engineering

CAF Turnkey & Engineering and its focus on distributed power generation seeks to use the existing natural resources to provide energy at the lowest cost with the level of availability required by the client.

The current approach in CAF Turnkey & Engineering  involves providing customised technology and solutions to clients in developing countries, by combining renewable power with fossil-based technologies and integrating storage systems, always relying on the support of local companies.

CAF Turnkey & Engineering , renewable energies’ subsidiary of CAF Group, is a company specialized in the yield of renewable resources with tailored solutions. Located in Ibarra (Guipúzcoa), among its business lines, photovoltaic solar projects and other turnkey solutions such as for telecommunications and mini-grids stand out, as well as a small sized wind turbine, developed with cutting-edge in-house technology, which completes its business units.

CAF Turnkey & Engineering is a registered supplier of the United Nations, as well as signatory of its Global Compact.
Since its establishment in 2007, CAF Turnkey & Engineering  has achieved a broad range of photovoltaic projects in Spain. Within its internationalization program, the firm is carrying out renewable energy projects in countries such as Jordan, Colombia, El Salvador, Argentina, Japan, Burkina Faso, Afghanistan, Sao Tome and Prince or Zimbabwe. In the same way, CAF Turnkey & Engineering  is currently positioning itself in emerging markets such as Africa and Central America. The company Works hard in the creation of long term bonds with local partners.

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