Alten Renewable Energy

Alten Gestión de Proyectos S.L.

ALTEN Gestión de proyectos business encompasses practically the entire value chain in the photovoltaic industry, from designing solar farms, developing projects, raising equity and debt, through the integral management of the construction process to power plant O&M.

•Development and design: accredited experience and capacity in development and construction of greenfield projects in Southern Europe, Central America, South America, Sub-Saharan Africa and Asia.

•Investment and funding: As an investment group, ALTEN Gestión de proyectos has generated an investment in its photovoltaic projects of more than US$ 700 millions since 2006. ALTEN

•Energías Renovables provides all the investment and financial services needed to execute its projects. This work is also backed up by the accumulated expertise of the current executive team, which has arranged total capex in excess of US$ 2 billion (through project finance negotiated with commercial banks and development agencies).

•Construccion ALTEN Energías Renovables guarantees seamless management of the construction process, from breaking ground until the plant is handed over. The company pursues excellence in the quality of its facilities throughout this process as a strategy to increase its efficiency and productivity, hence guaranteeing the best possible results for investors. Contractors of the highest repute, who can ensure these high quality standards, are brought on board during construction.

•O&M (Operation and maintenance): One of the main goals of ALTEN Gestión de proyectos’ work is to optimise the operation of all its plants by enhancing its facilities’ productivity and efficiency and reducing maintenance costs wherever feasible, without compromising quality. The company has its own technical team with long-standing experience of operational management and technical supervision in the international photovoltaic market.

ALTEN Gestión de proyectos is managed by a team with extensive experience and proven dedication to rigorous social and environmental requirements who has developed 50 power plants online since 2007 in Europe, India, Latin America and Sub-Saharan Africa with more than 650 MWp capacity and investment of US $ 2 billion.

The holding has currently a pipeline of more than 800 MWp in Mexico and Sub-saharan Africa. Some of the most recent and representative projects are:

•Namibia: 45.45 MWp under construction and COD expected in 3Q 2018.

•Kenya: 50 MWp fully developed, is expected to achieve financial closure

•Nigeria: 140 MWp fully developed, PPA initialed with with the Nigerian Bulk Electricity Trader | NBET.

•Mexico: 350 MWp in 2 projects (Aguascalientes). Awarded in the SLP 1-2016 in September, and construction started in August 2017 with an expected COD in 3/4Q 2018.

•Others: ALTEN has other greenfield projects in Senegal (30 MW), Zambia (2 x 40 MW), Ethiopia (2 x 125 MW and 2 x 200 MW), and Mozambique (2 x 30 MW).

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