STI Norland Develops the 4th Generation of its Dual Row Single-Axis Solar Trackers

STI Norland, global supplier of solar trackers and fixed-tilt arrays, has launched the 4th generation of STI-H250TM, the first dual row single-axis solar tracker in the world.

STI Norland pioneered in 2017 by developing the STI-H250TM and has since then supplied and installed in more than 30 PV plants, adding up to more than 850 MW of solar power.

This solar tracker consists of two torsion beams positioned in a north-south direction on which the PV modules are mounted. The two beams are linked and rotate simultaneously following the path of the sun in the sky. They are moved by just one motor, cutting supply and maintenance costs.

In addition, the 4th generation of STI-H250™ considerably increases the adaptability to complex terrains and irregular layouts. The data collected during months of real experience on site allowed STI Norland’s R&D department to keep applying improvements on the product and reach the current advanced version of the STI-H250™.

“After two years of proven success of our dual row trackers, other manufacturers are now following our steps. It clearly proofs that we were on the right track when STI Norland bet on design and manufacturing dual row trackers. Compared to our competitors, we are now so much ahead in terms of experience and product development,” says CEO of STI Norland Alberto Pérez Echeverría.

STI Norland is one of the world’s leading utility‐scale solar manufacturer of fixed structures and tracker design and manufacturing companies. Its experience and bankability are backed by a portfolio of over 3 GWp supplied with over 99% availability.

With headquarters in Spain, the company fully owns subsidiaries in Brazil, Chile, India, Israel, Mexico, South Africa, and the United States serving the European, American, Middle Eastern, and African markets.

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