Prodiel is a multinational company specialising in the promotion and construction of large renewable energy generation plants. Prodiel works forsustainability through integrated products and solutions with high added value.
In our almost 25 years of experience, they have specialised in offering our clients comprehensive solutions worldwide. Today, we are present on projects in all five continents and we are a global benchmark in those countries which are investing in renewable energies, especially on large-scale projects, on which we have developed our capabilities and expertise.

Project Development

With the aim of providing their clients with a global service, Prodiel has an “Integrated Project Management Team” which advises clients on investments in the energy sector and subsequently manages and represents the investors, technically and legally, in all administrative matters, preparing the technical documents necessary for the obtainment of permits and participating in the works management through to the entry into operation and subsequent MANAGEMENT OF THE ASSET.
Their services related to the development of a renewable project range from the identification of opportunities through to the Ready to Build. Adapting at all times to the legal and technical requirements anywhere in the world.
Comprehensive Project Management includes dealings with government authorities and the handling of permits, the preparation of the necessary projects, the study of sources of financing, technical representation of the investor, the binding close of the CAPEX for participation in auctions and the comprehensive management of assets.
 Greenfield developments (main focus).
 Brownfield developments.

Renewable energies

Prodiel is a leading company in the development and construction of large photovoltaic and wind power facilities.
With experience of over 5,000 MW in recent years, and with the execution of some of the largest plants in the world, we have become a worldwide benchmark in the field of renewable energies.
With their own construction style, based on agility, flexibility and in-depth knowledge of the sector, we are present throughout the value chain, to provide our clients with a comprehensive, international service, encompassing the development, engineering, supply, construction, operation and maintenance of their large-scale renewable projects, adapting to their needs at all times.
 Photovoltaic EPC BOS
 WindBOP, access roads, foundations and platforms
 High Voltage Electrical substations, construction of lines.

Commercialisation of energy

With the incorporation of Energía Plus into the Prodiel Group, they complete the full cycle of the entire value chain of energies from renewable sources. With Energía Plus, they have become a privileged agent in the sector, capable of providing an all-encompassing response to a project, including the determination of the return-on-investment, as we work directly on the project finance phases and the commercialisation of the energy that the project will produce.
In addition, we offer the service of representation to the market, managing the sale of the energy generated by the project.
 Structure the energy commercialisation strategy.
 Locate and close down the offtaker.
 Representation to the market.
 Cover the offtaker’s needs at the times when our projects do not generate the necessary energy.

Name: Mrs. Rocío Sepúlveda
Position: Business Development