SOLAR STEEL is a brand of GONVARRI STEEL SERVICES, which is a large industrial group, European multinational leading in steel service centers, automotive components and renewable energies. The Group has more than 140 industrial plants in 25 countries, with a strong presence in the European Union, Mercosur and Nafta.

Gonvarri Steel Service, founded by Francisco Riberas Pampliega in 1958, is a strategic leader in the industry of steel transformation and emphasizes sustainable and profitable growth, as well as the continuous improvement of products and services, all with the goal of strengthening the ties with clients and providers.

Solar Steel by Gonvarri

Solar Steel supplies metallic structure for any CSP and PV technology, with capabilities of designing, manufacturing and operating final assembly lines on site. Always considering a close collaboration with customers. To date, Solar Steel has supplied more than 1.6 GW of top-notch PV mounting  structures to large-scale projects in more than 23 countries.

Solar Steel has the engineering capabilities and organizational strength to position itself as a solar industry leader

– Survey, design and installation of PV Solar structures at site

– Thorough knowledge of metal structures and its use for all solar thermal and photovoltaic technologies

– Cost optimization throughout the entire Value chain

– Design and development of new structures leveraging our automotive experience in automated assembly

Solar Steel distinguishes itself by integrating in house all processes in the value chain, from the coil to the steel structure fully installed on site. This, combined with the engineering capability and organizational strength, positions ourselves as a solar industry leader.

Solar Steel activity also includes Contract Manufacturing, where we collaborate with the leading developers of solar Photovoltaic (PV) projects, Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) and Concentrated Photovoltaic (CPV). This collaboration is based on both manufacturing customer’s own designs, as well as the co-development of new products, project-specific studies to improve existing ones, etc.

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