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Our company, SISENER INGENIEROS GROUP, was founded in Zaragoza (Spain) in the year 2000, when a group of experts in engineering of substations and hydroelectric power plants created an Engineering Company with the clear intention of offering complete services in the energy sector: generation, transmission and distribution.

During these years of experience in SISENER GROUP, with more than 200 engineers, working in the areas of Electrical, Civil, Thermal, Structural, Piping Technique, Processes, Branches, Industrial, SCADA, Instrumentation and Control, we have consolidated our position as one of the leading companies in the sector, incorporating all the necessary specialities and resources (human and technical) within our organisation, to offer comprehensive engineering services, developed completely “in-house”.

Business areas such as electrical substations, high voltage lines, hydroelectric plants, wind farms, solar plants (photovoltaic, Stirling, solar thermal), biomass, geothermal energy, waste treatment and recovery for energy production (WtE) or Fuel (Waste to Fuel), cogeneration, Green Hydrogen, Green Ammonia, industrial processes and large thermal power plants, Treatment and Valorization of Waste, as well as  Co-development of Projects., are all part of the activities we carry out at SISENER GROUP together with the different companies that are part of its group.

We are a reference engineering company for the main electricity generation, transmission and distribution companies, for the main EPCs and installers, and for some of the main manufacturers and technologists. We have done more than 23 GW in Renewable generations projects (Wind, Solar, Hydroelectric, Biomass), countless substations and thousands of km of high voltage power lines. 

We are integrated in an extremely competitive and dynamic global market, and solidified a process of internalisation, accompanying our customers in those countries where they need us, setting up in order to offer the best possible service and having carried out projects in more than 40 countries, being an unequivocal example of our consolidated experience.

We have developed our own technology (pyrolysis) and we have technology representation agreements, such as a solar concentration system for thermal efficiency in industry, CO2 capture and sequestration, bioremediation of organic waste or the production of biogas with biodigesters, but we also participate , together with the CSIC, in designs of new gasification processes and reactors.

Experience, quality, capacity, flexibility and mobility mean that our main objective is technical excellence, immersed in a continuous process of innovation and development in order to offer the best solutions and the best services for the full satisfaction of our customers.

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