SENER is a private engineering and technology group which enjoys international prestige for its commitment to innovations, quality and independence. SENER employs 5,500 professionals and has a turnover of 1,200 M€. SENER has played a leading role in the development of power generation plants almost since its foundation, in 1956. In the field of renewable energies, SENER has been a pioneer through the development of its own technologies in such different sectors like that of solar energy, biomass, and valuation of municipal solid waste (MSW) and the treatment of pig manure and oils, always under the premise of the efficient use of energy. The MSW treatment plant Zabalgarbi, in Spain, the ENCE biomass plant also in Spain, the lube oil regeneration facilities for BRF, in Brazil, and Ecolube, in Spain, or the pig manure treatment plants in Polan, Consuegra and Juneda (Spain) are some of SENER’s main references.

Besides, in the last years SENER has become a leader worldwide in the CSP sector, both in terms of technology and number of plants in progress. To date, SENER has participated in 25 solar thermal plants, most of them as turnkey projects, in Spain, USA, Morocco and South Africa – where SENER is part of the turnkey construction consortium for the Bookport thermosolar power plant, near Upington city – representing over 1,510 MWe installed or under construction and 1,300,000 CO2 tons saved per year. 22 of these plants are already in operation, among them Gemasolar, the first commercial central power plant in the world to produce electricity round the clock thanks to a storage system which allows it to continue producing electricity for 15 hours without sun light, and Valle 1 and Valle 2 plants, two twin installations with parabolic trough collector technology.

In all these sectors, the company responds well as technologist and supplier of engineering services and project management either as sole turnkey contractor or in association with other companies. The generation and efficient use of energy, as well as the conception and optimization of chemical and industrial processes are areas where SENER has obtained extensive international reputation.

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