Mondragon Assembly

Over 30 years on the market, working in close collaboration with our customers to offer more profitable solutions to their assembly process automation needs.

As part of Mondragon’s Financial and Industrial Corporation, Mondragon Assembly enjoys the stability required to guarantee efficient long-term collaboration

  • Automatic manufacturing equipment for photovoltaic cells and modules.
  • Standard and customized equipment for high productivity.

Mondragon Assembly maintains close ties with the Mondragón Polytechnic University and the Mondragon’s Research Centres, enabling it to ensure that its staff receive the very best continuous training in the very latest technologies.

The belonging to the Mondragon Corporations confers to Mondragon Assembly solidity required to assure an effective long-term collaboration.

Mondragon is a business corporation consisting of more than 250 companies structured in four main areas: Financial, Industrial, Retail and Knowledge, which operate independently within the framework of a global strategy.

As support for its activities, the Corporation has its own R&D, as well as a Polytechnic University and Training Centres. Regarding renewable energy, Mondragon Assembly provides:

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    Mr. Iñaki Legarda

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    Commercial Director

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    Polígono Bainete, Pabellón 5 A Aretxabaleta-Guipuzcoa, 20550 Spain

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    +34 943 712 080

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