ILB HELIOS SPAIN, S.A. provides a wide range of services in the solar energy field, where it operates both in the engineering, construction and management of medium to large photovoltaic plants, and in the supply of modules and inverters.

  • Availability of proprietary products: LB HELIOS solar modules, of high quality and excellent performances, ETC.
  • Certain and guaranteed supplies and delivery times, not depending from the market trends.
  • Reliability and warranties as only the producers can provide and confirm over the time.
  • Timely and accurate assistance thanks to the availability of the spare parts and the actual knowledge of its own products.


ILB HELIOS SPAIN, S.A. is very active in the Spanish PV market, where operates in partnership with the international ILB HELIOS GROUP, with headquarters in Zug (Switzerland) and branches also in Italy and China. It owns the 100% of Global Trading Spain, S.A., that offers exclusively the ILB HELIOS products in Spain and Portugal through an excellent sales network.

Thanks to the expertise provided by its founders, ILB HELIOS SPAIN, S.A. stands to the Spanish and Portuguese customers with absolutely unique hallmarks, as:

To all above we can add the know how of the ILB HELIOS GROUP in carrying out large industrial plants with all implied skills nopt only from the electrical but also from the logistic and financial standpoint.

ILB Helios Spain therefore sums up all necessary requirements to be considered as a reliable, competent and competitive partner for all the operators in the photovoltaic sector, be they installers, distributors, developers, investors or end-users.

ILB Helios Spain combines the Swiss quality to the Spanish experience, competence and flexibility in the solar energy field to provide you a reliable service!

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