GPtech is pioneer in the development of industrial applications based on next generation power electronics. Over ten years of experience in integration of renewable energies into the grid and more than 1.5 GW of power electronic devices worldwide working make GPtech a reliable partner in the development of projects with most complex requirements.

Especially, the utility scale PV inverter series provides customers with products of best efficiency and quality, highest reliability and availability, always guaranteeing an easy integration to the grid. GPtech is an experienced partner in the development of control systems for hybrid plants, having already developed controllers for wind-diesel power generators, grid-tied wind-pv-battery generators, grid-isolated PV-battery storage systems, etc.


GPtech is a global player with presence in Europe, America, Asia and Africa, either with offices or projects in which the company participates. It has achieved a strong presence among fast growing PV countries in Europe and has become the leader company in this field in Latin America. In addition, it has positioned itself growing geographies such as USA, China and South Africa, where the company has already participated in important projects and has a high pipeline for the coming months.

Additionaly, GPtech gives specific engineering and consultancy services, custom development and manufacturing, product status monitoring and continued maintenance throughout its lifetime.

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