Elecnor is one of Spain’s leading groups in engineering, infrastructure project construction and development, renewable energy and new technology.

Since business began in 1958, Elecnor has delivered positive results and shown continuous growth throughout its corporate history. The company is listed in the Continuous Market of the Spanish Stock Exchange. Elecnor has gradually diversified its business into a number of industries divided into four main business areas: Elecnor Infrastructures, Elecnor Renewables, Elecnor Concessions and Elecnor Deimos, its technology area.


Strategically, its international expansion has translated into a stable presence in over 20 countries, through both investee companies and subsidiaries located abroad and projects generated right from Spain.

Its 11.000 employees, committed to upholding the corporate philosophy, champion the values of innovation, sustainability and total quality in all company actions.

In recent years, Elecnor has positioned itself as one of the major players in the field of renewable energy, both in Spain and abroad.

To be precise, Elecnor has become a benchmark turnkey developer and contractor in the renewable energy industry, undertaking projects in the fields of wind power, photovoltaic and thermoelectric solar power and hydroelectric power plants.

Thanks to this evolution, Elecnor has gone from contracting specific supply and assembly packages to become the developer, operator and general contractor, generating an exponential growth mirrored by the company’s turnover.

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