AMDA is a global renewable energy project developer, focused on the development, construction and management of solar and wind projects across the world. Our company delivers real value in the integral management of the projects by performing the development, raising funds for debt and equity, providing consultancy services and managing energy assets.
We are focused on the promotion and global development of projects in the areas of energy.

We have a long term commitment and engagement in the projects we work with long-term strategic goals and a strong commitment to our projects.
Our aim is to become a leading company in existing and emerging markets wherever there are comfortable legal frameworks and sufficient political stability.
The value of AMDA revolves around the talent and commitment of our professional team.

We have experts in resource analysis, engineering, administrative procedures, interconnection, environmental issues and fund management. Further evidence of our expertise is our extensive experience in negotiation, project fund raising, construction, management and operation. Our experience is enriched by our local experts, who play a key part in our success.

Within the development of the projects, our main activities are:

 • Identification, evaluation and selection of potential projects

 • Technical & Financial modelling.

 • Project basic engineering.

 • Obtaining all permits, licenses and authorizations.

 • Securing funding and investors

 • Negotiating project finance agreements.

 • EPC negotiation.

 • Operations management.

For more information, please visit our website: or contact with:

Name: Mr. Raúl Latorre
Position: Head of Business Development – EMEA