The Impact
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An industry to transform a country

In 2000, Spain was characterized by a consumption dominated by the presence of imported petroleum products, which, together with a reduced contribution of local resources, contributed to a 80% energy dependence. Since then, thanks to the policies implemented to promote the use of renewable energy, Spain has recovered much of its self-sufficiency, through an increase of such sources of 137%, exceeding the goal of generating in 2010 30% of electricity by sustainable ways.

The best way to see the benefits of renewable energy, is looking at the impact it has had in Spain in recent years.

The results of the implementation of the Renewable Energy Promotion Plan (2000-2010) are now evident in the Spanish economy and society:

——The total contribution of the Renewable Energy Sector to the GDP of Spain has been approximately ten billion euro, representing 0.94% of Spain’s GDP.

——The Renewable Energy Sector employed a total of 111,455 people in 2010 of which 54,925 correspond to direct employment and 56,530 to induced employment.

——Electricity production from renewable energies of the special regime has reached 60,012 GWh in 2010, 21.8% of total electricity consumption in that year. This has avoided the emission of more than 32 million tonnes of CO2 equivalent into the atmosphere, representing a saving in respect of emission allowances of more than 467 million of euro.

——In accumulated terms, during th . e period 2005- 2010 the emission of more than 145 million tonnes of CO2 was avoided, roughly 2483.5 million of constant € (2010 base).

——In 2015 and 2020, due to the penetration of renewable energy capacity of the special regime foreseen in the draft PER 2011-2020(3), annual savings of 43.8 million and 59.1 million tons of CO2, respectively would be produced.

——Moreover, the use of biofuels for transport prevented 3.8 million tons of CO2 emissions in 2010.

——The generation of electricity using renewable energy avoided imports of over 12.6 million tonnes of oil equivalent (toe) in 2010. Savings by replacing fossil fuel imports amounted to 2302.2 million €, about 0.22% of GDP in Spain that year.

——The cumulative savings for the period 2005- 2010 amount to 11,168.3 million of constant € (2010 base).

And opportunity for African countries

The policy now adopted by African governments represent a golden opportunity for African businesses and society in general.

Companies in the consortium have already walked the path of renewables and, therefore, they have a thorough knowledge of its implementation.

Today, the desire of these companies is to collaborate with African companies in the pursuit of these same objectives which Spain pursued at the time