Looking for African Partners?
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The primary goal that follows the foundation of the consortium is to find synergies between Spanish and African companies, in order to fulfill the policy set by African governments who want to develop their own renewable energy sector. To this end, the Consortium has a permanent presence in Southern Africa, specifically the Johannesburg office. There, our support team aims to promote de "Spain" brand through the enhancement of our industry positioning (expertise, technological and economic capacity, etc).

The consortium, familiar with national and regional policies related to the promotion of renewable energy in South Africa, is responsible for advising the consortium companies to make the process of penetration of these companies in Africa to be successful.

In addition, the consortium advices the companies on their marketing individual activities, and in the research and promotion in the Southern African management.

Finally, the consortium is well aware of the need for synergies between African and Spanish companies in order to achieve full integration of the latter and, therefore, among one of the priority objectives is to connect local companies with Spanish companies, so they can start a fruitful business relationship.


If you want to know which company suits your needs best, please contact us:


Name: Ms. Rossana Saínz y Dochado


South Africa

Name: Mr. Gonzalo Carrasco
Position: Business Promotion
Address: 13 Fredman Drive - 8th Floor, Fredman Towers
South Africa
Mobile: + 27 721 466 544
E-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it