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A group of companies spanning the entire value chain of the renewable energy sector

The consortium is a bridge between the Spanish industry and Southern Africa's companies and entrepreneurs. Its main goal is to promote the Spanish renewable energy brand overseas, in order to develope the sector in Southern Africa through working along with local companies.

The Consortium, as well as the Spanish renewable energy industry, which we represent, covers the entire sector value chain, from manufacture to operation. Thus, the companies that comprised the consortium carry out, among others, the following activities:

—— Manufacturing

—— Promotion

—— Engineering

—— Construction

—— Operation

—— Maintenance

—— Research

—— Consultancy

—— Etc.

Companies covering all the contract models

In addition, the industry in Spain, and the companies that make up the consortium, covers all the contract models of renewable energy projects:

—— Independent Power Producers (IPP´s): is an entity, which is not a public utility, but which owns facilities to generate electric power for sale to utilities and end users.

—— Engineering, Procurement and Construction (EPC's): under this kind of contract, the contractor designs the installation, procures the necessary materials and builds the project, either directly or by subcontracting part of the work.

—— Operation and Maintenance (O&M): as its name indicates, operation and maintenance encompasses all the broad spectrum of services required to assure the built environment will perform the functions for which a facility was designed and constructed.

—— Build, Operate and Transfer (BOT): is a form of project financing, wherein a private entity receives a concession from the private or public sector to finance, design, construct and operate a facility stated in the concession contract.

—— Build, Own and Operate (BOO): with a BOO contract, a private company is granted the right to develop, finance, design, build, own, operate and mantain a project. The private sector partner owns the project outright and retains the operating revenue risk and all the surplus operating revenue in perpetuity.

—— Etc.

If you want to know which company suits your needs best, please contact us:


Name: Ms. Rossana Saínz y Dochado


South Africa

Name: Mr. Beatriz V. Broz
Position: Director
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Madrid, España 28001
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