Why Spain?

The process of implementing renewable energy in our country has become a role model throughout the world, as an example of cooperation of public administration, companies and social organizations, as a recent report on the energy situation in Spain by the International Energy Agency has recognized.

At the end of 2010, renewable energy covered about 13.2% of our energy needs and forecasts for 2020 indicate that we can overcome the objetives the Renewable Energy Directive sets for Spain: that 20% of the gross final energy consumption will be provided by renewable energies. In the field of power, renewable energy covered around 33% of annual demand.

The Spanish Renewable sector sums more than 140.000 direct and indirect jobs and over 9,000 companies of different size and activity, some of them internationally recognized for its ability of operation and owned technology production. However, the most part of those companies are SME’s (around 98%).

Above all, Spain is the second world country in foreign direct investment, after USA. In those inversions, the Spanish model is based in partnerships with local companies and entrepreneurs, to achive not just the renewable energy development, but also the social and economic progress.