STI NORLAND - First solar installation for STI Norland Brazil
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With an installed total power of 260 kilowatts, STI norland has begun his first photovoltaic plant in Brazil, at Sao Luis dos Montes Belos, state of Goias, Brazil. ¨Step by step, we are strengthening our presence in Brazil¨, states the Executive Director of the Brazil Subsidiary, Javier Reclusa.

With subsidiary and factory in Palmas, Tocantins state, the solar trackers and fixed structures manufacturer was selected by the Brazilian company Trader Energia to carry out the Engineering, manufacture and supply of the project located in Goias state, Brazil, for which they have received the support of local suppliers.


This is a first stage of a 1,2MWp project in an extension of 2,85ha.Besides, STI Norland already has the FINAME code for his two solar trackers STI-H1250 and STI-H160 since July of this year.


This project is the first one for STI Norland Brazil, who strengthens his position in the country as one of the leading companies in the sector.