ACCIONA - ACCIONA Energía to build its first 227MWp solar plant in Mexico following auction
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ACCIONA Energía, in a joint venture with Mexico’s Tuto Energy, has been awarded the supply of 478 gigawatt-hours (GWh) of renewable energy and the corresponding amount in clean energy certificates (CELs) in the second long-term energy auction for the wholesale electric power market organized by the National Energy Control Center (CENACE) of Mexico.


The result of the competitive auction will allow ACCIONA to build its first solar plant in Mexico: a 227 MWp (180 MW nominal capacity) photovoltaic plant in the state of Sonora. The new contract reinforces ACCIONA commitment to the development of a vibrant renewable energy industry in Mexico, where it is the leading wind power operator, accounting for 18% of operational capacity at the end of 2015.

The project – named ‘Puerto Libertad’ – is planned on a site six kilometers north-west of the town of the same name. ACCIONA Energía will build the turnkey installation for the joint venture named AT Solar , set up by ACCIONA Energía (50%) and Tuto Energy (50%), a subsidiary of Biofields group, which has 3,800 hectares of land in Puerto Libertad set aside for renewable energy projects.


Completion of the construction work is planned for late 2017, with the plant entering commercial service in early 2019. The output of the solar plant will be sold to the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) under a long-term contract spanning 15 years of electricity production and 20 years of clean energy certificates. The contract with the CFE is expected to be signed before 31 January 2017. The solar energy produced at the Puerto Libertad plant will be sufficient to power 285,000 Mexican homes per year, while avoiding annual emissions of more than 460,000 metric tons of CO2 from conventional coal-fired power stations.


As a result of Mexico’s two energy auctions this year, ACCIONA Energía will build a total of 395 MW in new capacity:  a 168 MW wind farm in the state of Tamaulipas, as a result of winning 585.7 GWh of wind power in Mexico’s first energy auction in March, and the 227 MWp solar plant resulting from the latest auction.