QATRO - QATRO-Chile starts commissioning the biggest photovoltaic project in Latin America.
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QATRO Chile, has started its first specialized start-up service in Chile in June 2016. It is the photovoltaic plant El Romero Solar of ACCIONA Energía. The Chilean subsidiary of QATRO established more than a year ago begins its first long-term service in the Andean country.


Romero Solar will be the largest photovoltaic plant in Latin America with 200 MW, making it one of the ten largest photovoltaic installations in the world to date. As a whole, the plant will have 777,360 photovoltaic modules of polycrystalline silicon that total a surface of solar capture of more than 1.5 million m2, equivalent to 211 professional soccer fields. The panels will be installed on static metallic structures that, in alignment, would add a length of more than 111 km.

In addition, the start-up of the El Romero Solar photovoltaic plant will represent a major logistical challenge for QATRO, as it is the first time that QATRO manages and makes a temporary export of test equipment and tools outside Europe.

Currently QATRO and through its subsidiaries; QATRO SouthAfrica, QATRO Israel and QATRO Chile; Is providing specialized E + I & C start-up services in 5 projects in Bangladesh, Israel, South Africa, the Dominican Republic and Chile.