GPTECH - GPTech negotiates a contract valued at 45 million euros
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Wednesday, 25 January 2017 19:10
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GPTech is finalizing the signing of the largest contract in its history. One of the world leader renewable energy developer will contract with GPTech the devices to connect the energy of its future photovoltaic plants to the general network in a set of parks that add 450 MW of power. The agreement is extendable to another 300 MW, which means that the total of these initiatives could reach 750 MW. The total amount of these contracts, which will be developed next year and a half, is around 45 million euros.

Until 2012 the main activity of GP Tech was the manufacture and sale of devices to connect wind and photovoltaic installations to the general grid. However, in these years it has developed engineering solutions capable of integrating renewable generation plants in zones with weak electrical networks, consolidating itself as supplier for large-scale plants. GPTech are currently working in countries like Egypt, South Africa, Malaysia or Brazil.