GRUPO COBRA - Demostration of HYSOL Proyect has been commissioned an Innovative Configuration for a Fully Renewable Hybrid CSP Plant
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Tuesday, 05 July 2016 11:26
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Hysol Demonstration facility has been commissioned and the first operational tests have been successfully completed.

HYSOL is a new concept in CSP technology that relies on the integration of a molten salt TES system operating in hybrid mode with a biogas turbine with a Heat Recovery System (HRS).

The main added value of the hybridisation concept will be the achievement of the Europe Strategic Energy Technology plan (SET-Plan), which is the market, the industry and the European Union goal on energy matters: self-producing firm renewable energy with an optimal cost-efficiency ratio.

The aim of HYSOL Project is to become the European reference in the initiatives ongoing in the CSP/biomass global market. The HYSOL Project focusses on overcoming CSP technology limitations to increase its contribution in the global electric market, hybridizing with biomass energy to achieve 100 % renewable and sustainable energy, and providing a stable and reliable power independently of meteorological circumstances. This can be achieved through the integration of a heat recovery system and a gas turbine in a CSP plant to enable the generation of electricity 24 hours a day and under all weather conditions.

HYSOL consortium is formed by 8 European partners: PSA-CIEMAT, IDIE, AITESA, ENEA, DTU, UPM AND SDLO-PRI and ACS-COBRA and it has been financed by the European Commission under the Seventh Framework Programme.

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