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GRUPO CLAVIJO Renewables Division represents the Group´s international presence, and is based on a wide range of solar structures and trackers, the technological innovation involved, and the company´s presence and recognition in photovoltaic installations in America, Europe, Africa and Asia. ·  The range of fixed structures is adaptable to all types of project, taking the characteristics of the terrain and the degree of sunlight into consideration.

·  The single-axis trackers guarantee an excellent performance from a reasonable investment, resulting in high profitability. Worthy of special note is the single-axis horizontal tracker, used at many facilities around the world.

·  The dual-axis trackers make maximum use of solar energy, due to their double movement (azimuth-zenith).

In addition to manufacturing these products, Clavijo provides a comprehensive service before, during and after installation, from the preliminary analysis of the terrain to maintenance. Machinery designed in accordance with the latest technology and a team of engineers from the R+D+i department provides new products, guaranteeing developers, EPC contractors and installers will always be able to count on the most advanced equipment for their photovoltaic projects.

The quality and reliability of Grupo Clavijo´s products is attested to in the form of quality certifications (ISO 9001) and acknowledgements such as the structural safety certificate issued by TÜV-NORD, and the Technical Due Diligence assessment (bankability report) conducted by Black & Veatch (B&V). The highest possible guarantee and safety for its customers.

Over 1000 MW installed around the world ensure Grupo Clavijo ranks as the leading company in photovoltaic solar structures and trackers on the international market.

For more information please visit our website: http://www.grupoclavijo.net/en/renewables/ or contact with:

Name: Ruben Clavijo

Position: International Director

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