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6 July, 2012

Last year the South Africa Renewable Energy Plan got underway. In force until 2030, it aims at providing the country with 18,000 MW of solar and wind energy. The republic’s government stands up for the Spanish companies that are exemplary for their success in the renewable energy industry, constituting with no doubt a great business opportunity for Spanish companies.

The Bureau Veritas Industry Business Line shall be positioned right next to the Spanish companies from the design stage to commissioning and project implementation, ensuring the reliability, security and integrity of the entire operation. To this end, the Bureau Veritas group’s extensive network of offices and resources in South Africa will be made available to its customers.

South Africa is emerging as the new market for Spanish companies in the renewable energy sector, which have already begun to take the first steps in the Cape regions. This is a unique business opportunity for all the companies, not only for the Spanish ones. Steve Sawyer , Global Wind Energy general secretary predicts that "growth is going to be massive. The reason is simple: there is nothing at this time".

To date, several Spanish companies, Abengoa, Gestamp and Iberdrola, have already been awarded a contract worth 510 MW, allowing them to undertake future renewable energy projects in the southern area of the African Continent, where one of the objectives is to promote the green energy sector by harnessing the necessary conditions for developing this alternative energy, particularly solar and wind, in order to reduce the current high oil dependence.